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Mister D Collections

Mister D dresses the modern man, attentive to novelties, curious and original, who’s always looking for new styles and ideas from the fashion world, able to enrich his personality.

The fall winter 2019/2020 collection is rich in patterns and one of a kind, with contrasting designs, weaving patterns of fine craftsmanship and jacquard textures, for a refined and handmade men sock, in the best Italian tradition.
A collection imbued with passion which takes inspiration from the past and describes the spirit and the atmosphere of the best Italian fashion’s examples.

Geometric designs, original patterns and combinations of contrasting colors in which the color becomes the distinctive mark of a man’s personality.
Houndstooth, polka dots, classic designs with a timeless taste are enriched by bright colors for a measured, refined, always up-to-date and never obvious elegance.
Part of the collection is intentionally inspired by the vintage style that brings us back to the atmospheres of freedom and strong personalities, with micro-patterns and retro designs of precise moments of our fashion and culture.

Mister D Collections

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